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An accomplished key note speaker, trainer and coach Kieran T. Bird presents his unique take on effective negotiation and three closely related skills – self confidence, personal branding and body language.   


Drawing on experience from over thirty years of international sales and marketing, Kieran presents these topics in an entertaining, informative and practical format to both inspire and motivate his audience.    

Negotiation Skills
Get More with Less Effort

We never make money faster than when we are negotiating.

This session takes an entertaining, yet highly practical look at how to win in negotiations while protecting relationships. It offers proven tactics to gain the maximum possible, with little effort, when the deal is more important than the relationship. You’ll learn to plan and run win-win negotiations, to sell at the best possible price and to obtain whatever you want for less than you are used to paying.

Personal Branding
How to Shape and Promote Your Reputation

It takes 1/7th of a second for the human brain to classify people as attractive or otherwise. From there the brain extrapolates to assess trustworthiness and likability. Credibility and trust are hard to create, and very easy to destroy. This session will show you how to use expertise, plus polish and poise, to gain a reputation as a heavyweight in your field.

Unshakeable Self Confidence
How to gain rock solid self-confidence

We perform better in all areas of life, from sports to business, when we are highly confident. Recent international research strongly suggests that organisations have tremendous potential to increase productivity through improved individual self-confidence. We look at the causes of low self-confidence and provide tested techniques to rapidly improve self-confidence, enabling greater personal growth, joy and effectiveness.

Body Language
How to read it, how to use it

A UCLA research study famously found that 55% of communication is via body language. Understanding body language is a key tool for personal effectiveness in business.

Mastering body language is a crucial element in quickly creating rapport and trust, as well as in reading others to measure honesty and openness to our proposals. In day to day life and business, and particularly when buying, selling and negotiating, body language counts.

Kieran shares his tips on reading and mastering body language and explains why it plays such an essential role in our social and business life.


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"Kieran is one of life’s incredible people and we need to clone him. I wish we could have him for more of our trainings. I feel 100% comfortable with Kieran, he’s very personable and he is always encouraging and positive. We are a crazy, eclectic bunch at Mediaworks and Kieran copes with all of us so well. NZIM is very lucky to have him."

Kath Allen, Account Manager, Mediaworks

"We were extremely impressed by the quality and content of the course. Following the success of this course we intend to send other managers from within the company, whom we know will benefit from this training."

Chris Ashton, Sales Director, Autosmart International, Lichfield, UK

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