"It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently." 

– Warren Buffet

Your personal brand is the unique combination of skills and experiences that make you you. Effective personal branding will differentiate you from other professionals in your field.

Most ‘experts’ seem to think Personal Branding is either about fashion tips from Gok, or social media promotion.  It is about far more than that. It takes 1/7th of a second for the human brain to classify people as attractive or otherwise. From there the brain extrapolates to assess trustworthiness and likability. Credibility and trust are hard to create, and very easy to destroy. This Personal Branding session explains how to use expertise, polish and poise, to gain a reputation as a heavyweight.


This workshop examines:

  • The 3 practical elements of the Personal Brand

  • The 7 principles of a powerful Personal Brand

  • How to tweak your brand

  • Promoting your brand


Learning Outcomes


Participants will leave with a genuine understanding of, and a plan to take action on:


The uncomfortable truth behind the powerful forces of attraction

  • The proof that both males and females are already ‘shallow’ as infants

  • How quickly and completely we make decisions about others

  • The shocking facts about who we find most attractive, and why

  • Just how specific the rules of physical attraction are


Heuristics, and how they impact the way we are perceived by others

  • Startling international examples of stereotyping

  • Why and how to embrace, rather than despair, stereotyping


The core, evergreen rules of dressing to impress

  • Why colour does matter

  • Shoes matter more than men realise

  • Fashion is not the friend of personal branding (with a few exceptions)

  • The latest research into the impact of high fashion clothing, hair styles and tattoos

  • Ties: Out of favour, but not ineffective


The elements of body language that ensure credibility

  • Your hands have more impact than you know

  • Why, and how, to ‘stand tall, stand strong’

  • Something in the way we move. Walk to impress



Two-hour workshop

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“Such a great topic and presentation. The subject matter and approach Kieran took (light hearted, funny as well as informative) was excellent, and the perfect way to get his message across.  I came away feeling inspired.  A fun and informative presentation, and Kieran certainly walks the talk.”

Helen Scott, Associate, Duncan Cotterill

“A good personal brand can provide more opportunities for us to expand our client bases. Kieran’s presentation is very inspiring and helped me see things from a different perspective  and provided me with the tools to build  a strong personal brand.”

Lin Zhuo, Chief Financial Officer, Good Health Products

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