Negotiation Skills


“You will never make money faster than when you are negotiating”

- Roger Dawson, author of Secrets of Power Negotiating


The most positive thing a company can do to improve the bottom line is to develop effective negotiation skills.

A recent global survey of 2,000 people revealed that 63% of salespeople believed they could negotiate better deals if they felt more confident. Recent Huthwaite research found that “under-confident negotiators achieve a successful outcome in only one in five of the negotiations they’re involved in.”


This interactive workshop session is essential training for procurement, sales and any functions involving negotiations.  Whether your people are involved in highly complex, set-piece negotiations or negotiate regularly but around smaller issues as part of their daily business life.

Effective negotiation skills


The crucial aspects of preparation


  • Power plays.  Negotiate at your place rather than theirs.

  • Who? Plan in advance who - and who not to - have in the room.

  • What are your constraints? Find out before you negotiate.

  • What are their constraints? They’re under pressure too.  

  • Make a list of variables. Be creative.  It’s the difference between success and failure.   


The difference between transactional and relationship negotiating


  • Decide in advance what’s more important. The one deal - or the relationship?

  • Consider in advance which tactics you will use. How nice should you play?

Emotional rescue


  • Keeping control. “Smile and say no until your tongue bleeds.”  Harvey Mackay, author of Swim with the Sharks.

  • Use the body language of confidence, aggression and shock.




  • We never make money faster than when we are negotiating, so do it long and often.

  • Actually, it is just a game. This attitude will save you, and make you, lots of money.

  • Think win-win. But only when the relationship dictates it.

  • Get the other side to commit first.  You just never know.

  • People believe what they see in writing. Write the contract.

  • Always congratulate the other side. Share the love to make the next round easier.   

  • How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice! 


Negotiating tactics - The good and the great  


  • Ask for more. It didn’t work for Oliver, but it might for you.

  • Never say yes to the first offer. Or what will they think?

  • Use the flinch. Show them how you feel.

  • Taper concessions. Make your outcome appear inevitable.

  • Ask for something in return.  

  • Plan for easy acceptance. A small bribe goes a long way with a big ego.

  • Use the vice.  Just say “You’ll have to do better than that!”

  • Use silence. Passive aggressive behaviour is obnoxious, but often effective.

  • The nibble. Ask for just a little more.

  • Utilise higher authority. “I’ll have to run this by the committee.”

  • Don’t split the difference. Let them do it.

  • Take your time. And theirs!  He who hurries, often loses.

  • Break it down into the ridiculous. “For just the cost of a flat white a day..”

Dirty tricks - How to deflect them without breaking a sweat

  • Bullying. Prepare for it. And remember it’s only a game.

  • Good cop/ bad cop. Call them on it. If the relationship is not important, use it!

  • Clarity. If the answer to your question is not clear, ask, ask and ask again.

  • Changing the order size. Don’t let them do it to you.

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