“The body never lies”

- Martha Graham


A UCLA research study famously found that 55% of communication is via body language. Understanding body language is a key tool for personal effectiveness in business.

Mastering body language is a crucial element in quickly creating rapport and trust, as well as in reading others to measure honesty and openness to our proposals. In day to day life and business, and particularly when buying, selling and negotiating, body language counts.


Kieran shares his tips on reading and mastering body language and explains why it plays such an essential role in our social and business life.

The two crucial qualifiers

Clusters – Folded arms alone doesn’t necessarily mean defensiveness   

Changes of state might.  Something in the way she moves.


How fast we are to judge

Fear and it’s effects. It only takes 1/300th of a second to feel fear and loathing.

Attraction. It takes just 1/7th of a second to be impressed.  

Judgement. The 7/11 rule says we decide on everything within 7 seconds.

Confirmation bias. Once we’ve made up our mind we hate to change it.


Signs of deception

The body rarely lies. But watch the eyes!

Personal space. Are they stand-offish? Be vigilant.

The vocal fry. When the voice croaks, be very vigilant.


Signs of nerves

Fidgeting, blinking, sweating and fast talking – all signs of nerves. But look further.

Closed body language also tells a story.    


Sending the right message

Eye contact. Remember the importance of ‘eyelock’.

Utilise open body language. Establish trust fast.

Posture. Dangle yourself from a piece of string. Instant, perfect posture.

Walk like a boss. Quickly, on the balls of your feet.

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