Introducing The Bird Brothers
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Kieran T. Bird is an expert on self-confidence, training and coaching people on presentation skills internationally since 2001.


A 30-year sales and marketing veteran, he writes, speaks and runs workshops on the effect self-confidence and personality characteristics have on the ability to present successfully and negotiate effectively.

He is the author of ‘Unshakeable Self-Confidence: Why Organisations Should, and How Individuals Can, Develop Higher Self-Confidence’ (2018) and ‘Persona PR: The End of the Cold Call Era’ (2004).

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Luke Bird is one of New Zealand's most entertaining and successful MCs.


He’s been described by the New Zealand Herald as ‘New Zealand's very own Graham Norton meets the Royal Variety Show'. As an operatic tenor and comedic actor, Luke has starred in musicals such as ‘Hairspray’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’ and ‘The Buddy Holly Story’.


His understanding of breathing techniques, vocal control, acting skills and managing stage fright elevate ‘The Bird Brothers’ presentation skills workshops to Masterclass level.

The Bird Brothers unique combination of talents and experience are raising the bar on New Zealand seminars and invite you to enjoy two of our popular workshops 

Personality Types - The Bird Model

Understanding our own personality type as well as that of our colleagues enables making better decisions, communicating more effectively, building stronger working relationships, making use of each person's abilities and reducing rancour.

In this three hour workshop you will learn

  • The four personality types

  • How to recognise each type

  • How best to approach each personality type

  • How best to persuade each type

  • How to work most effectively with each type

Presenting with Confidence and Charisma

Research tells us that people who are able to speak on their feet are judged to be more intelligent, knowledgeable, and even physically attractive than other people! Being able to comfortably address a group is an important part of effective leadership and success in business. This two day workshop provides the tools to structure a presentation, and utilize effective story telling, body language and vocal variety to confidently deliver a compelling presentation to groups.

Join us for this intensive two-day interactive workshop to understand how to


  •        Understand your audience

  •        Effectively structure your presentation for clarity and memorability

  •        Open and close with flair (and why this is crucial)

  •        Utlise compelling boy language and vocal variety

  •        Master the Q&A

  •        Manage nerves to an acceptable level

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